Monday, 27 July 2009


I made a huge Kaleidoscope out of card tubes, plastic, sheets of mirror. Photos I had taken of a
Nude female form, I then cut into segments and put into the chamber that I could turn. I then photographed through the end of the kaleidoscope. The Turning emphasised the endless search of fulfillment, but never achieving a whole image.


Film of Kaleidoscope, Viewed through peephole in the box.
The images in the kaleidoscope are sections of a nude female

3rd Year degree show piece.

Absence & Desire.

Stemmed from Psychoanalysis, Freud and Lacan. The search for fulfillment of Desire.

Thine Shrine

Second year University work.

Oh Kate.

Autumn Deux.

Photos, from Last autumn.

Autumn on receipt paper

Holga family and Bradgate park.

Happy Holga

Random Snaps on the Holga, Mainly in Liverpool.